New Edition

New Edition

Project filed with history

Piotrkowska Street is the only promenade in the entire country with so well preserved original 19th-century metropolitan buildings. Due to the unique architecture, it has been fully entered in the register of landmarks. Along the street, you will find unique, eclectic buildings  from the turn of the century. Numerous courtyards of Piotrkowska street hold a countless sum of restaurants, independent cafes, bank branches, sophisticated boutiques, nightlife clubs and many more fascinating places. The unique atmosphere of Piotrkowska street attracts the residents of Łódź and tourists 365 days a year! It’s a street of many contrasts, which has always captured the true essence of Łódź.

Stage I

Tradition Modernity


Stage I includes a comprehensive renovation of historic tenement house erected in the second half of the 1860s on the prestigious Piotrkowska street. The details of eclectic architecture filled with classical and renaissance elements have been restored to their previous glory. A new life was breathed into the forgotten buildings. Additionally the north part the historic dwelling was enriched with a two-story superstructure. Future owners will feel proud to reside in a unique, historic space and at the same time enjoy the comfort and convenience typical of a modern housing project.

This stage includes 34 apartments with areas ranging from 28 m2 to 84 m2 and 8 commercial premises.

Stage II



Stage II is a completely new construction made to the highest of modern standards. An impressive, five story building will fill the plot from the southern border of the plot up to Wschodnia street. Some of the buildings main amenities include functional spaces, large windows, multi-parking lot, spaces for bicycles, a green roof, sophisticated architecture, attention to detail and minimalist accents. The modern nature of stage II required making functionality of the living units as the top priority. On the other hand, the prestigious location demanded original and sophisticated architecture. As a result of combining these two requirements, a modern and elegant living space worthy of world’s top metropolises will be created.

This stage includes 111 apartments ranging from 25 m2 to 78 m2 and 3 service premises.